About Melinda

I approach my clients with a loving and compassionate spirit, specializing in Tarot Reading, Psychic Consultations, and Reiki Energy Sessions for over 20 years, and have been blessed by working in this field.

My sessions are interactive and open in nature. I have been much blessed by working in this field. To inquire about my readings and  other services please call  506-674-2520

Additional service offered

Energy Cleansing and Balancing.
I assist in shifting the energy in your living or work space.
Utilizing time honored, natural healing practices, I help restore a sense
harmony and balance to your space.
A consultation is availble after the session to discuss what took place
or to answer any questions you may have.
E.M.F Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle, simplistic, system that helps balance and wellness on every level